Friday, December 15, 2006

A consistent loving environment and this guy has come out of his shell Big time!!! He is happy happy happy- and is much more confident in new situations now too.

He is very used to my dogs and cats.
He has learned the joy of car rides- so I have been taking him most places with me- shopping trips, to the park etc. and he LOVES to meet new people!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Scarborough Is My Hero Today!!!

Last night Scarborough definitely won a place in my heart!
At 1:55am he suddenly woke up from sleeping next to my bed and ran to the front room barking loudly.
Now this dog never barks- occasionally at squirrels from the front window, but never at night, usually sleeps soundly.
He was barking- loud- growling etc. So I obviously woke up and listened to him bark for 1-2 minutes, then he stopped, and came back to the bedroom like all was well.
I thought about it for a few minutes, then decided to get up and check things out.
The front door was opened- someone had tried to break in!!!
The outer door was open, and one lock broken, deadbolt still intact, and the door pushed in.

At that time in the morning, with cars in the driveway indicating we were home, I can't think the intruder's intentions were good.

THANK GOD for Scarborough's alert!!!!!!

The policeman that came was greeted by Scarborough's happy wiggling demeanor and said, oh yah, this dog is ferocious! Since the other 2 dogs in the house slept through the whole thing....Scarborough is my hero today!!!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Scarborough Here,....

Hi Everyone,
As you can see I've been busy up here in Minnesota, only having three legs does not slow me down one bit,...
I've come a long way from Kentucky,,,it's a little chilly up here, but I am nice and warm,.waiting for my fur-ever home.

Scarborough's Foster Mom Say's

My dog has a fitness class every week and he goes swimming, so last week I took Scarborough too- he did really well!

He wouldn't paddle with his back leg, so we had to help him swim, but he seemed to enjoy it. Everyone comments how you don't notice his handicap, he compensates so well.

Scarborough Making His Way North

It's Been A Long Way,...

A young man who has not had an easy go of things so far,....coming to you from all the way down in Kentucky

Meet Scarborough,....